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Sociology is awesome. Let’s just start there. Sociology In Focus is a site made by people who are crazy passionate about sociology. It’s cool if you aren’t in love sociology just yet, stick around and you’ll come around to our way of thinking. If you already have a passion for sociology then you know how powerful it can be.

Sociology can literally change the world. Sociology can forever transform the way you see the world. If you have the eyes of a sociologist you can see things that the rest of the world can’t. Sociology In Focus is a site dedicated to looking at the world from a sociological perspective. We look below the surface of pop culture, media, and the news to explore how society operates and show the world the sociology that surrounds it.

Sociology In Focus is for readers who love knowing what’s really going on. Beneath the surface, beyond the spin, and behind what society tells us to believe is a truth informed by the sociological imagination. Readers can expect Sociology In Focus to cover the stories in the news, but from a sociological point of view that is not found anywhere in the mainstream media. Sociology in focus is for the contrarian, the skeptic, and for readers who thirst for a more complete view of the world at large.

For Sociology Students

Sociology In Focus is dedicated to helping students learn sociology by explaining complex sociological concepts using examples from pop culture, the media, and everyday life. If you are taking a sociology course at any level or if you’ve ever thought about it, Sociology In Focus is the place to sharpen your sociological skills and reinforce what you’ve learned in class. If you are a student struggling in your sociology classes Sociology In Focus can help you see how the topics you discuss in class play out all around you everyday. If you love your sociology classes and you want to see how far down the rabbit hole you can go, then you are in the right place.

For Sociology Educators

Sociology In Focus was created by educators for educators. Each post on Sociology In Focus takes a concept from your classes and pairs it with an illustrative example from the media, pop culture, or the news to create an easy to understand, pedagogically rich experience for your students. Every post on Sociology In Focus ends with thought provoking questions that you can use to start a class discussion, launch a lecture, or even as an assignment for your students to turn in for class credit. We can help educators take sociology out of the textbook and into the “real world” by providing you with realtime examples of sociology that your students have read about online, saw on TV, or experienced themselves. Let the educators at Sociology In Focus collaborate with you to make teaching easier and more enjoyable.

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